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Ah, a new playmate? Hmhmhm, I am Majora, Hylian Goddess of Chaos, or rather, that's what everyone calls me. If you have a query, feel free to ask, though make it quick. If you're not playing, you're not staying.

((Independent Ask and sometimes RP blog for my personification of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

There are some pretty frequently asked questions, so go ahead and check out the headcanon tag first))
Anonymous sent: potato.


asktailikku sent: Have you ever heard that theory that Stone Tower is essentially the Tower of Babel, and that your mask was found in the arena that Twinmold resides in? Or that theory that you are essentially the Terminian counterpart to Zelda?

Given the infinite number of universes, I won’t dismiss the possibility.However, in my dimension, Termina is a pocket dimension created to house my mask—a sort of infirmary, more than anything. It was created in the image of the world that existed before Hyrule, and the Stone Tower was created as my Temple.

In that Era, the Temple of Nayru was in the Great Bay, a technological marvel to honor the knowledge and Wisdom she bestowed upon her subjects. The Temple of Din was held in the mighty mountain of Snowpeak, which was actually a dormant volcano beneath all of the ice—a Power contained, but still ready to burst forth. The Temple of Farore was built in the teeming wilds of Woodfall, where only the most Courageous would dare to tread—simple enough. Lastly, the Temple of Majora was built in the Ikana Canyon, a landscape that seemed dead, but still thrived with life in perfect Balance. This temple was kept by the Royal Family of Ikana as well.

shrodu sent: Of all the creatures in the [Zelda] universe, what minions would you select as your personal vanguard for your castle (dungeon)? (Balance preferred. No "Darknuts, Iron-Knuckles, and Phantoms only"...we all know they're all a pain in the ass...)

If they’re a pain in the ass and hard to kill, then they’re doing their job. I would definitely have a few Darknuts as part of my upper vanguard, as officers over Stalmasters and a few Poes. The disposable underlings would likely be Stalchildren or something of the sort. Something that’s easy to clean up after it’s inevitably slain.

Anonymous sent: Hey, Majora? Have you seen the super smash bros brawl model of you? If you did what do you think on it? I think it's awesome!


Mun’s the one that’s working on it, so of course I’ve seen it! I really want to see it finished, too! I think it will look great!


It will be interesting to see you in three dimensions for a change.




Wow okay.
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It says it sends the ask but it doesn’t. My gf and I were trying since 2 days now and we just found out what the problem was.
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This explains SO MUCH GRRGHH


((this is important, and this might very well explain why a lot of asks have been eaten))

List of Hyrule Warriors Music that fits Majora

-Silent Guardians
-Eclipse of the Sun
-Eclipse of the Moon (Default and Guitar)
-Eclipse of the Wrold

((The game’s soundtrack is really good. Like, ear sex good. Except for Kumite SS. That song is like….when you try to experiment in the bedroom and it just ends up hurting.))


shrodu sent: Interesting question. How would you feel if Helmaroc was your Loftwing? Or was he your Loftwing long ago before Ganondorf began using him?

Do you even realize how old that bird would have to be, then?

Not to mention, what do I need with a Loftwing? I can fly myself, and I can teleport.

Probable final version of the Model, with everything in place and colored for general gist.
I’m really hoping I can find someone to map it…Finding someone to rig isn’t super difficult, but mapping…I’m not sure how many people do that.
Still, if anything, I have a nice model just kind of sitting here now.
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askskullkidstuff sent: I really like how the model is coming along, but I think the skin color should be just a *bit* more purple. Other than that i love it :3

((The colors you see aren’t going to be the final colors. The skin you see right now is from importing a Smash Bros model into 3DS Max and using it as Majora’s basic anatomy.

I’m hoping I’ll have the model itself done tonight, but I’ll then need to find someone to map it, someone to rig it, and I’ll need to make the textures myself.))

progress for the day
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askbloodshedandwhiteheart sent: ???: "I don't know if you've heard. But the Fierce Deity is fighting in the newest Smash Bros. Tournament. If you were also in the tournament, would you face him again?"

You mean the cheap costume? It’s not him. I don’t care.