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Ah, a new playmate? Hmhmhm, I am Majora, Hylian Goddess of Chaos, or rather, that's what everyone calls me. If you have a query, feel free to ask, though make it quick. If you're not playing, you're not staying.

((Independent Ask and sometimes RP blog for my personification of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

There are some pretty frequently asked questions, so go ahead and check out the headcanon tag first))
Anonymous sent: Are you saying that outfit isn't a cosplay?

What makes you think this is a cosplay!? i designed it myself!

((Do you guys think my Majora is insane enough?))

((I ask myself this all the time. I know for a fact that she’s nowhere near the childish demeanor that the Majora in game had, but at the same time she’s also a different person than she was at that time too.

Let me explain what brought about my current view of Majora, and her being considerably more sane, though still seeing humans and mortals as her toys.

It was generally inspired by the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic’s D.r Robotnik. Loosely, as he went insane after losing to Sonic one too many times. However, his genius intellect slowly reasoned him back to sanity during his time in solitary confinement under the Iron Dominion.

This is basically me realizing my subliminal hits that inspired Majora’s current state. See, while Robotnik was able to reason himself back in a matter of weeks, Majora took centuries. However, given that she only had the last few emotions of betrayal and loss as she festered inside the mask her psyche was literally built back from the ground up.

Enter the game personality, which sees everything like a game or a toy. Like a child, and the very core of Majora’s psyche. Believe it or not, the earliest stages of her recovery—or rather, twisted reconstruction.

Let that stew and develop with certain external stimuli, and over the course of several hundred years, Majora could very well mayhaps developed into the woman she is today. That’s how I justify it, in any case.

I’m sure if my Majora were fresh out of Termina, she would be acting like the Majora in the events of Wicked Wednesday, going on right now over at ask-ravio-stuff, askgodlingmajora, and a few others. Go check that out, by the way.

But yeah, I suppose you guys can reply with your thoughts. This evolved from a legitimate question into my own rambling.))

Anonymous sent: what do you think about cosplays?

You really expect me to dabble in those matters?

jsxeno sent: Are the Minish good at any games such as chess, checkers or card games?

Surprisingly yes. And what’s even more surprising is that I don’t kill them if they beat me. I mean, after all, they’re so tiny and I could kill them with a thought…it wouldn’t be any fun.

Anonymous sent: Are there some personality traits you dislike about your sisters? If so, name a few.

Not really. Nayru does have a slight “higher than thou” attitude, which chafes me a bit, and Farore can be a bit of a know it all. But other than that? No. Din is not far from my personality, so we get along really well.

askskullkidstuff sent: Minora monday passed and only one thing that caused Minora to say anything? Wow.

((Some weeks it’s really active some weeks it’s dead as all hell.))

Anonymous sent: I use my powers to look at links butt.

(( :I ))

Anonymous sent: Midna is my secret cuddle friend

((hnnngh I’m getting a couple good ones

I’ll draw Majora holding a sign of the best one))

Anonymous sent: do you remember that majora promised to marry you?

I do. But let’s be fair, no priest in Hyrule would marry us. Besides, I think what we have now is perfect.

Anonymous sent: I have come to give thee a present...a bottle of alcohol, made in china.


I shall humbly accept this gift. Majora prefers cocktails to wines.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t want it!

Anonymous sent: I almost destroyed an entire world and then disappeared in a rainbow.

Doesn’t really seem that shaming….Also, don’t forget today is Monday, so feel free to send Minnie some titles as well.