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thearcanemage sent: I get what you're saying about armour, but I have to disagree with you. Females in fiction are sexuality, while males in fiction are empowered. Giving the men huge muscles in Wow kinda makes sense, they're warriors who see combat every day. And yet the females have no muscle and huge boobs (which would be a hindrance in battle). I personally don't think they were actively trying to be sexist though, I personally think it's an example of subconscious sexism ingrained by culture and upbringing.

This is a very good point. However, as far as the empowerment aspect goes, male and female toons are equal in stats and powers. 

But no, I don’t think they were trying to be sexist either. They may just be doing what they know will make the game sell to the primary demographic—heterosexual males between the ages of 16 and 30. It is still a business after all, ad after all, “sex sells,” a sad truth of our world today.

Female Armor design - Mun’s Opinion

A friend of mine just reblogged a post about female armor designs that only showed skin of the face, and it got me thinking about female’s armor and such in video games and even my own designs.

In games like World of Warcraft where the armor is visibly edited to show more skin on females, I’ll admit, that’s rather irksome, as showing midriff when you’re on the front lines of a siege isn’t exactly, y’know, smart. Heck a lot of the cloth armor shows less skin than the plate armor sets, and if anything, “clothies” are the ones that could get away with showing some skin since they’re meant to be farther away from the intended target, and if you hit them, you deserve the hit for getting through their defenses. I wouldn’t jump to calling it blatantly sexist towards women—after all, all of the male models have bodies bigger than pro wrestlers, so if we’re going by the logic of “Sex sells,” there’s some catering to females as well, and similarly to the argument of “Is Punch Out!! racist?”, I’d have to say that since there seems to be equal pandering on both sides, I’d have to say no, WoW is not really that sexist. You do have the option to even cover up exposed skin with tabbards or a shirt beneath the armor.

Then my thoughts went to my own designs of Majora, who has no shortage of skin showing, Now, as someone who intends to go into character design, I like to give everything in my designs a reason, and I’ve been over how Majora herself likes to be flamboyant and flirtatious to throw her enemies off guard, but I think that then the logic of this also stands out in higher contrast now that I’ve come up with Minora.

Minora’s design is very conservative, like that of a Chinese empress, not daring to show any skin below her chin aside from her hands, and even then those are often concealed by her robe’s long sleeves. This is done with reason, again, as since she is Majora’s opposite personality, she is not “flamboyant and flirtatious” in any sense of the word to her opponents. Instead, she is respectful and honorable, and wouldn’t even think about using tricks such as sex appeal to her advantage.

I dunno, I’ve lost my train of thought at this point. I guess what I’m saying is like….if there’s a reason for a character to show or hide a lot of skin, it can be…almost excusable, or completely excusable in a few cases. But if it’s there just to be sexy and draw people in with the sex appeal….yeah you’re gonna have problems.

Anonymous sent: Regarding the whole judging everyone's lives thing, were there any cases that were interesting? Doesn't have to be anyone important just were there any that stood out to you for one reason or another.

Honestly, if there were, I couldn’t remember them. They’ve all sort of muddled together into a day’s worth of metaphorical paperwork that I just try to get through.

Anonymous sent: Just out of curiosity, what would you look like if you were in Hyrule Warriors? Like different armor, weapon, etc.


"Come to play, have you~?"

Weapon: String of Blades

"Well then, shall I begin the lesson?"

Weapon: Crescent Spade

lockthechest sent: Hello Majora. You've mentioned in the past you have traveled to different dimensions and universes, so tell me. Who is the most interesting person you've met in your travels?

I honestly have to say the universe of “Kid Icarus” is really interesting. It’s based in the Greek mythology of your world, but with a lot of twists and turns in it. The characters there are also really diverse and certainly fun to talk to.

Anonymous sent: when I'm feeling down I like to visit this place. You reactions make my day. Thanks for being here

Glad to see you take pleasure in my torment.

((No but really thank you / v\ That means a lot!))

Anonymous sent: Are there aspects to your job that you wish you didn't have to do? The big catastrophe are fun i'm sure but what about the smaller details. Like whether that 10 year old will survive the disease threatening their life. Or if the soldier with a family ever returns from the war. As one who governs balance by nature you must put a value to each individual soul.

It’s tedious, I will give you that. There are some days when I honestly just go on a yes or no basis and line up every soul’s situation in a line, then sort them into piles of will or will not live. The trick is keeping the piles relatively the same size.

Anonymous sent: What if he was Hylia's son? He would technically have your blood in him then.

I promise you he isn’t.

((This is going to sound dumb, but does anyone have a spare Smash 3DS demo download code?))


((My club Nintendo was buggier than heck today, so I can’t tell if I was even eligible for it =I

If anyone’s feeling generous, just send it in a fanmail or ask. I’ll even give you a doodle in return if you so desire / v\))

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Anonymous sent: Yes. Only one child *under her breath* while you were sober...

Piss off.