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Ah, a new playmate? Hmhmhm, I am Majora, Hylian Goddess of Chaos, or rather, that's what everyone calls me. If you have a query, feel free to ask, though make it quick. If you're not playing, you're not staying.

((Independent Ask and sometimes RP blog for my personification of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

There are some pretty frequently asked questions, so go ahead and check out the headcanon tag first))
ask-ravios-lil-sis sent: //scuttles in// "You got any food to spare?"

I do not currently have anything prepared, but I would not at all mind cooking something for you.


If Minora was to fight, what weapon do you see her using?

I ask this because I have considered doing Hyrule Warriors designs for Jora and Minnie. Jora will likely use a whip or scythe or something on the “darker” side of the weapon spectrum, but Minnie’s kind of a pacifist, so I haven’t thought of a fitting weapon that she’d use.

WARINING: Hyrule Warriors Leaks!

This is a word of caution to all Zelda fandom members and blogs! Supposedly the final fight, and ending scenes to Hyrule Warriors have already been leaked. With this in mind, exhibit caution when going to well known Zelda news sites such as ZeldaDugneon and ZeldaINformer.

A note to all of our Tumblr users who may have intentions about blogging about the leaks. Please, either don’t, or make absolute sure to tag your spoilers. A spoiled story can be enticing to some, but can ruin the entire experience for others.


Zelda fans: please consider contacting Nintendo (you can use this form) and suggesting that they dedicate Zelda U to Robin Williams. Given his love for the series, I feel that would be an appropriate gesture, and if a lot of people get in touch saying they’d like to see that, it may actually get some momentum.


The legend, Robin Williams, with his daughter Zelda, perhaps playing some “Legend Of Zelda”. 
Mr. Williams loved the Legend of Zelda series so much, he named his daughter after the Princess.
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Anonymous sent: Have you ever even tried to somehow make things right with Skull Kid?

I’ve been asked this before. He’s long since dead in my time, and I have no intention or interest of making amends with the dead.

Anonymous sent: I just thought of something. What if Navi were turned into a minish?

She’d look different? Maybe taste different? Not that big of a difference really.


dunamissolgard1002 sent: ✱ (For Majora) ✭ (For Minora)

Someone or something that has played a part in Majora’s fantasy/daydream: Obviously the Majora from -askmajora-

An obscure interest of Minora’s: Garden decoration. Finding and combining objects and plants in her garden. Essentially botanical feng shui

Anonymous sent:

Weird thing they want to try or have tried

Majora: Integrating Minish executions into her regular meals (have tried)

Minora: Barbecue chicken soaked in beet juice (Have tried)