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Ah, a new playmate? Hmhmhm, I am Majora, Hylian Goddess of Chaos, or rather, that's what everyone calls me. If you have a query, feel free to ask, though make it quick. If you're not playing, you're not staying.

((Independent Ask and sometimes RP blog for my personification of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

There are some pretty frequently asked questions, so go ahead and check out the headcanon tag first))
Anonymous sent: Majora, how would you like a stay in a luxury estate? We have a wonderful state-of-the-art room adorned with silken padding upon the walls, and it even comes with room service and your own long-sleeve white coat, all free of charge!

Do you think I don’t know what an asylum is, you sarcastic little whelp!?

Anonymous sent: Do Hyrule or Lorule by chance also have one of these obscure cults that worship a swamp deity known as "Shrek"?


I…do not believe so…pray, tell, what is a…”Shrek?”

Don’t ask…

Anonymous sent: Who is dis Minora?

A newcomer. Welcome. I am Majora’s Lorulean counterpart. We share a rather common past, though our handling of situations during that past has made us vary quite drastically.

dunamissolgard1002 sent: Any interesting or odd dreams you've had, Minora?


Not in particular, no, but thank you for asking.



Oh my, I must say that the events in a certain Lorule I’m observing are beginning to peak~ I would LOVE to jump in and assist the once and future King against his darkness, but alas, it is out of my jurisdiction to attempt to sway the course of such crucial historical events.

In other news, Minora will be here Tuesday. Poor girl meditated right through our intended time, and sends her deepest apologies.

askskullkidstuff sent: Mega Sableye, It's personality fits you, and he has a big red Rupee with him.

It seems…almost cowardly though.

that-guy-that-has-no-friends sent: I can see you as Mew Two

I dunno…doesn’t it look a bit masculine for me? Personality and abilities are pretty close, but…

Anonymous sent: (Shiny) Yamask?

Hmm…maybe… The colors are right…

Anonymous sent: You can travel through time, right? Why not go back and try and calm yourself down before you went coo-coo?

Because then I wouldn’t exist to be able to go back and stop myself, meaning that then I would come to exist, thus going back to stop myself and….it just goes on and on.

Anonymous sent: Ditto's purple, right? I'm sure you could turn into a book too if you tried.

I don’t see how a book relates to this?