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So allow me to introduce myself. I am Majora, Hylian goddess of Chaos, and I was trapped by my sisters inside that mask because...well I goofed up bad and got the world trashed a long long time ago. But really, I'm a good girl now, honest! ...okay maybe not completely, but it's in my nature. ;) My sisters, the three goddesses, have even welcomed me home again! Isn't that great!? Now I can get back to work and cause some more mischief, and best of all, not get in trouble for it!
askbloodshedandwhiteheart sent: Purple Medic: "If you vere forced to go onto ze battlefield, vat vould be your preferred veapon?"

Hellfire and brimstone raining from the sky.

hachirokusanagi sent: well don't you look cute

Excuse me?

ask-mariaite-and-lucas sent: "I-I n.." *gains confindence* " I need to know what you do, so do you mind If I study you for the next hour?"

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t particularly do much.

Anonymous sent: can i hug u


anon pls

Anonymous sent: is it weird that I think you and vindexnumen would make a great team?

A team? Sure, I can see that.

Majora’s passionate, I’ll say that. She’ll play around a little, nibbling at her partner’s lips now and then, and occasionally let them take control. But as soon as tongue gets involved, she’s on top unless she wants her partner there instead.

Majora has a slightly lower, sultry toned voice. Think of Grey Delisle voicing Catwoman, with perhaps the very faintest hint of a British accent to it.

She originally did not speak with contractions, though she picked that up in her insanity. She also swears every now and then, despite it not being goddess-like, even though she holds herself in that regard.

When she wishes to sound intimidating, Majora will add reverb or multi-layered effects to her voice with magic.

Majora personally prefers to use her magic for combat, a a ranged damage combatant. However, that will not stop her from attacking with melee, as she is skilled with the swords she conjures.

She is brutal, and will fight dirty if she must. She has taken a liking to using ice magic to freeze her opponents to the floor, then killing them slowly.

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askmajora sent: What would you have the monarchy do, Rapture? Release the Triforce into the public, so that Lorule may once again fall into civil war, and plunge it directly back into the darkness from whence it has only just emerged? Place it in the hands of a vain, egotistical little bitch, "daddy's little girl," who would only oppress and crush those beneath her? The suffering of one so vile as yourself is a much better trade off than what you plan to do with it.



Well aren’t you the bitchy one?

Like fuck I would let the public near the Triforce. No, I would use it myself, before any sort of civil war could occur. Those of us who resist their rule asked…no begged, for the royal family to use the Triforce to wish us back into prosperity. But no, they felt that “hardwork”  would be a better way to fix this place. Fuck that. People suffer daily while they lock themselves away in a prissy castle. No fuck them.

I would make a far better Queen than that cunt Hilda.

I would reward those who deserve it, and yes, I would certainly crush those who remain faithful to the royal family.


Aww did I hurt your feelings miss grape? You seem to be angry.

The Triforce will grant the wish of anyone who touches it. That is just how it works. It is not BIASed. Don’t you DARE bring my father into this, bitch!! As much as I love him and respect him, he made the mistake of not slicing the consorts throat when he had the chance. I am not so foolish, or blinded by ambition. I see my desires clearly…

I do not doubt that you are a goddess or your claims of destruction, but I’m hardly afraid of you…do you expect me to cower before you? To beg for your forgiveness?

/tossed a bit of her hair over her shoulder/


I will get what I want.
I have Pandora at my side. Lorule will be mine.

There is nothing I need to worry about.

-stifles a chuckle-

So much for your knowledge of the Triforce’s power. You don’t even know it’s defense mechanism, which…no. I think I’ll leave that to be a surprise. Maybe when your naivety and vanity blow up in your face, you’ll realize “Oh, Majora was right, I really shouldn’t be such a cunt!” Daddy’s little whore is on the exact same path that lead him to his death.

And please….you have a child god at your side. I have myself, my Lorulean counterpart, both trios of our sisters, the Majora siblings of your dimension, and multiple versions of myself, who would be more than happy to spill a whore’s blood, all ready to jump in and destroy you, or Lorule, if it comes to it.

Stop now, or you bring down the wrath of the gods upon yourself and the “perfect kingdom” you seek to create.